I help Real Estate Agents save time by over-qualifying their clients.

The 3 Things Your Mortgage Loan Officer Won't Tell You: Could You Do More Business Without Them?

You’re a successful Real Estate Agent.

But, your Loan Officer…

  • Disappears when you need them most
  • Misses details that should have been easily caught upfront
  • Asks your clients for the same documents over and over again
  • Confuses your clients by poorly communicating what is needed to close

And so, you wonder…

  • Is my Loan Officer actually giving my client the best mortgage out there?
  • Will my Loan Officer get the clear to close well before closing?
  • Is there a Loan Officer that provides the same excellent customer service that I do?

The answer is yes.
My team can show you how.


  • Not having to make a call because you know exactly where your client’s file stands.
  • Hearing the phone ring well before closing and hearing the words “clear to close.”
  • Your clients enjoying the mortgage experience and coming out of the deal looking for more properties to acquire.

Meet Annmarie

As a broker, I’m able to control
the process by choosing the lender
that allows us to close quickly
and with the best mortgage
product on the market.

The mortgage process
shouldn’t be that difficult!

Let’s be honest. There are only so many different kinds of loans out there and your loan officer needs to have systems to get them closed. This is the reason that I left retail lending: I wanted to close loans as fast as possible.

Too many loan officers work for companies that create unnecessary hoops and obstacles.

As a Real Estate Agent, your time is everything when it comes to growing a successful business. The more reliable your mortgage process is, the less time you will have to spend monitoring the transaction.

“Annmarie is awesome at what she does and her expertise and reliability are second to none!”

Ella Gurfinkel


Annmarie knows how to get it done! She helped me with my own home purchase and has crushed it for my clients! I highly recommend Annmarie!! 🙂

Shannon Sisk


As a local Real Estate Agent I have worked with Annemarie in many facets of the field as well as in the community. I have recommended her to numerous clients who have always given nothing but 5-star reviews. If you are on a mission she’s the girl you want on your team!

Heather Wilson